Healing wounds on the body of mature female oceanic whitetip shark.

The Weird World of Shark Mating

THINK: HICKIES BUT WITH SHARP TEETH, LEADING TO CERTAIN PREGNANCY. Written by Safina Center Fellow, Dr. Demian Chapman Every August we become acutely aware of the possibility of a shark attack. This doesn’t happen because it is late summer… Read More
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Oceanic whitetip, Bahamas.

Top Ten Shark Myths Dispelled

Written by Blue Ocean Fellows, Demian Chapman and Debra Abercrombie, and by Carl Safina 1. THERE ARE JUST A FEW KINDS OF SHARKS AND THEY ARE ALL BIG. Fact: Shark species are quite diverse and have very different… Read More
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Vanished Menus Tell Of Vanquished Banquets

A group of scientists, led by Kyle Van Houtan with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, asked “what did ocean ecosystems look like in the past?” Specifically the scientists wanted to know what the ocean ecosystem around the… Read More
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Chapman takes a DNA sample from a nearly 15-ft blunt nose six-gill shark in the Bahamas.

Restricted Supply, Tepid Demand: the New Recipe for Shark Fin Soup?

Dr. Chapman takes a DNA sample from a nearly 15-ft blunt nose six-gill shark in the Bahamas. Photo by Sean Williams, Cape Eleuthera Institute. Blog by Dr. Demian Chapman, shark geneticist and Blue Ocean Fellow: When I first started studying… Read More
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The Good and the Not So Good for the Sea’s Little Fish

In recent years, conservation groups, like the Herring Alliance, a coalition of environmental groups [which includes Blue Ocean Institute], have been fighting to get protections for the little fish in the sea – the menhadens, herrings, and anchovies…. Read More
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