Blue Catfish Blues Mean A Fish Rated Green

In the 1970’s/1980’s some humans decided to introduce Blue Catfish into three Virginia Rivers in the Chesapeake Bay region. The bright idea: start a new recreational fishery. The Blue Catfish is a very large [100 lb.] freshwater creature… Read More
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Reopening New England’s Closed Fishing Areas Would Be Bad For Mammals, Too

In the early 1990’s, fisheries managers closed several fishing areas off New England. They closed these areas to help rebuild depleted fish populations of commercially important species of cod, haddock, and flounders. But these closed areas have also… Read More
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Global Warming- One More Reason to Keep New England’s Protected Areas in Place

By the early 1990’s, fisheries had depleted several of New England’s fish species, like cod, haddock, and flounders. Fishermen had been catching too many fish and fishing had degraded important fish habitats. Since then, better fisheries management has… Read More
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