FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Salmon – But Is This A Good Thing?

For the past couple decades, AquaBounty, a Massachusetts-based company, has been working on the production and promotion of their genetically engineered salmon, called “AquaAdvantage” (though some call it “frankenfish”). The fish is an Atlantic salmon that contains a… Read More
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Depleted Bluefin Tuna Sold for $1.8 Million – A Sad and Sick Story

A couple weeks ago, a moderate-sized (500 lb) bluefin tuna sold for an unimaginable price of nearly $1.8 million US dollars – a new record – at a Tokyo fish auction. The buyer is the owner of several… Read More
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2012 Was A Good Year For Sharks, Will 2013 Be Even Better?

Over the past several years conservationists have been working with countries around the globe to save sharks. Why do sharks need saving? Because decades of fishing for sharks – primarily for their fins, which are highly valued for… Read More
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