Fish for Dinner – What’s Really On Your Plate?

When you buy seafood, do you actually get what you order?  This is the question scientists from the conservation group, Oceana, have been asking. Over the past couple of years they have been investigating seafood fraud – or… Read More
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Innovative Solutions: Reducing Unwanted Catch in Tuna and Swordfish Fisheries

In early 2012, scientists at the Florida-based Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center began collaborating with tuna and swordfish fishermen to see if they could finally solve a problem facing their fisheries for decades – The catch of too… Read More
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Giant Momentum on Shark Conservation: European Union Says No More Shark Finning

In 2009, when Palau announced they were creating the first ever “shark sanctuary” – permanently closing their waters to all shark fishing – they set an example for the world. Palau stood up for sharks – many of… Read More
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