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April, 2012

Apr 20th

Earth Day + Whole Foods = a Great Day for Ocean-Friendly Seafood!

Starting this Earth Day — Sunday, April 22 — Whole Foods Market stores all over the country will no longer carry red-rated wild-caught fish in their seafood departments. This move, which comes one year ahead of their self-imposed deadline of Earth Day 2013, makes them the first national grocer to stop selling red-rated seafood.

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Apr 4th


Mention “sharks” to a group of people and you will get a range of opinions from blood-thirsty killers as depicted in “Jaws” to graceful predators important for ecosystem health (the latter remark is probably from a marine scientist, but you get my drift). I’ve been lucky enough through work and travel to have dived with a few sharks, and although some experiences were heart-thumping I’ve never been threatened by one. These days it’s more likely the reverse.

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