Media Coverage of A Sea in Flames

It’s been a busy week here on Long Island. Carl’s new book, A Sea in Flames, released last Tuesday,  has gotten a lot of press (including editor’s pick in the New York Times Book Review this past Sunday), and he did many interviews marking the one year anniversary of the Deep Water Horizon blowout in the Gulf. Here are links to a few of them.


In an interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, Carl explains the ins and outs of how the oil spill happened.

Carl on Democracy Now

Carl was also interviewed on Al-Jazeera (he appears starting at 1:30):

Carl on Al Jazeera

He also appeared on Need to Know on PBS, talking with Abrahm Lustgarten and Alison Stewart.

Carl on Need to Know


On Science Friday, Carl looked back at the events surrounding the Deepwater Horizon incident.


Mark Bittman writes about Safina and A Sea in Flames in his New York Times blog. 

Rolling Stone published an excerpt from A Sea in Flames, as well as a short Q & A.

TIME magazine wrote about Carl’s work, and a Q & A that Carl did with Douglas Gorney of The Atlantic is now online.

Carl published an opinion piece, “One Year Later: Assessing the Lasting Impact of the Gulf Spill”, in Yale Environment 360, and an article in Public Library of Science/Biology.


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