How did I get here?

I’ve been interested in sustainable seafood for a long time, so when I was offered the opportunity to work at Blue Ocean Institute and write about sustainable seafood issues full-time, I leapt at the chance.

My goal is to be able to offer readers information about the forces that affect the health of a fish or shellfish population – changes in water temperature or acidity, fishing techniques that damage their habitat or cause a lot of by-catch to be taken in as well, the point in their reproductive or life cycles at which they are taken out of the ocean, whether they’re being fished or farmed responsibly – and what that means to consumers who are thinking of ordering a particular seafood at a restaurant or buying it at a fish counter to cook at home.

In addition to explaining the underlying issues that make a fish or shellfish an ocean-friendly choice, I plan to write about when and how people cook and consume seafood. I will be featuring recipes and interviews with cooks from many different cultures that focus both on celebrations that call for specific traditional dishes as well as seafood dishes that anyone might prepare as an “everyday” kind of meal.

Upcoming features include seafood dishes for Chinese New Year, Mardis Gras, and Lent.

Please let me know what your questions, concerns, and suggestions regarding what subjects to cover might be, and if you have family seafood recipes and stories that you are willing to share – or favorite dishes for which you would like the recipe – write to me at Also, if you have specific questions about fish or shellfish, let me know and I will endeavor to find an answer for you.


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  1. Ooh, I love this plan! Exactly what I want. There obviously isn’t enough ocean to feed six point something billion people, but if I can make somewhat less-worse choices to delay the inevitable somewhat, I guess that’s good.

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