A guided tour of our guides…

Blue Ocean Institute offers a variety of guides and tools to help consumers make thoughtful choices about which fish and shellfish they might like to order in a restaurant or buy to cook at home.

If you are out and about, you can use our FishPhone texting service on your cell phone or download our free iPhone FishPhone app. If you’re at a computer, you can surf our website for more detailed information about fish, seafood, and cooking, or you can download and print a copy of our wallet guide. You can also check out our blog on WordPress.

Smart Phone apps and our texting service

To use our free iPhone app, just go to the iTunes store and download it. We launched it on July 6, 2010. It offers wine pairing suggestions and recipes as well as seafood rankings.

To use our FishPhone texting service, send a text to 30644. First enter the word “FISH” and then enter the name of the type of fish that you are thinking of ordering or purchasing.

If you want to receive ocean alerts (brief messages about ocean issues, new seafood rankings, and cooking tips) text the word BLUE to 30644 and you will receive an alert from us each month.

Blue Ocean Institute’s website

The seafood section includes a detailed guide that offers information about each species of fish as well as its ranking. Wine pairing and recipes suggestions are included. There is also a downloadable wallet guide.

We also offer a sushi guide. It includes information about sushi traditions and offers tips for eating and ordering at sushi bars, provided by experts Hiroko Shimbo (author of The Sushi Experience) and Trevor Corson (author of The Story of Sushi). You can download a copy of the sushi wallet guide as well.

Wine pairing and recipes suggestions are included as well. There’s also an FAQ section that lists frequent questions about fish, and there’s a feature called “I’m just here for dinner” that features award-winning chef Barton Seaver’s recipes (and some videos of him cooking.)

There’s also a video that explains how mercury gets into fish. Surprisingly, it’s because of the exhaust from coal-burning plants.

If you’re reading this blog post, then you also know that Blue Ocean maintains a blog, called Blue Ocean Notes, on WordPress.

There’s a lot more to explore on our website, but I will save that for another day. Meanwhile, enjoy using our guides and reading our blog.

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