Cod, Shrimp and Salmon

We eat a great variety of seafood, from Sea Scallops dredged from Atlantic waters, Catfish farmed in Asia, to Swordfish caught in the Pacific Ocean. Several species remain our favorites, however, and represent much of the 16 lbs of seafood that we eat on average every year. These seafoods include Atlantic Cod, Shrimp, Atlantic Salmon, and Salmon from Alaska, and all were ranked several years ago by Blue Ocean Institute. Species abundance, management practices, and farming methods and impacts change over time, so our seafood research team is constantly updating existing reports to provide the most up to date information. Plus we are doing new rankings for seafoods that are entering the US market. Each report involves weeks of research and writing, and all new and updated reports are peer-reviewed by scientists who specialize on that seafood to make sure that every report is accurate. During the last month, BOI has updated some of our favorite seafoods including farmed Atlantic Salmon, Salmon from Alaska, and Atlantic Cod caught off the United States and Canada, and from Icelandic waters. We have also done a new report for Shrimp caught from US waters in the Gulf of Mexico and south Atlantic region. This report examines the various types of shrimp caught including White, Brown, Pink and Rock Shrimp that you may be devouring as you watch the Super Bowl this weekend. Click on the following link to read our seafood reports:

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