Beauty and the Beast

Recent studies of marine life have shown both the wonders and likely horrors that are facing our oceans. The Census of Marine Life is a decade-long global study examining the diversity of marine life from polar to tropical… Read More
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Europe Leans Toward Bluefin Trade Ban

The New York Times February 4, 2010 Thursday Late Edition – Final BYLINE: By DAVID JOLLY BODY: European officials are increasing pressure for an international ban on the commercial fishing of bluefin tuna, a threatened species whose fatty… Read More
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Cod, Shrimp and Salmon

We eat a great variety of seafood, from Sea Scallops dredged from Atlantic waters, Catfish farmed in Asia, to Swordfish caught in the Pacific Ocean. Several species remain our favorites, however, and represent much of the 16 lbs… Read More
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