I’m Just Here For Dinner

Barton SeaverOctober is Seafood Month and it is the perfect time to launch a new addition to the Blue Ocean website. For me, seafood is the most engaging and compelling ingredient. The rich bounty of textures and tastes makes cooking it a lot of fun. Many of the species that we most commonly enjoy as seafood are not faring so well in their lives as fish. We have put enormous pressure on populations to provide for us and those populations are suffering from it. However, many of the species not faring so well are easily replaced in tonight’s dinner by some delicious and ocean-friendly options. What is great about seafood is the possibility to substitute is nearly infinite and in the process you might find a new more sustainable favorite.

In the new section of the website, we pose some ideas for exploring new species and using something maybe a little unfamiliar in a familiar way. Ocean-friendly seafood isn’t difficult and it is not about giving up seafood. It is about paying attention to what we eat. It is about supporting those who work the waters to provide for us. And ultimately, it is about us and the communion we all share, dinner.

~ barton seaver

Check out Barton’s new section on the Blue Ocean website, I’m Just Here For DinnerThere’s recipes, including videos, and a listing of ocean-friendly substitutes for you to try for dinner tonight.

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