Culture, Livelihood and Dollar $igns – How the lack of bluefin tuna might be changing local politics in Japan

bluefin-tuna_greenpeaceThis is the story of Oma, Japan – a nondescript, seafaring, coastal community whose main source of revenue is bluefin tuna.  But what separates Oma from most of the region is its call for greater regulation of fishing catches in response to record declines in bluefin tuna – a point of view not shared by the majority of the nation.

 The following article appeared in the NY Times on September 19, 2009 and describes how the disappearance of this delicacy, this “black gold,” has prompted the people of Oma to become political about their culture and their livelihood.  

Tuna Town in Japan Sees Falloff of Its Fish – 9/19/09, NY Times

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