Bluefin Tuna Update!

bluefin-tuna_greenpeaceOur friends in the European Union have made a conscious link between international trade and overexploitation by considering their support of a CITES listing for Bluefin Tuna– a move that would temporarily suspend international trade of the fish.

(You’ll remember we wrote that Monaco nominated Bluefin Tuna for a CITES listing, check out that blog here).

Consumers of Bluefin Tuna in Japan, the U.S. and worldwide remain arms crossed on the sidelines pouting like Veruca Salt because they want their Bluefin and they want it now!  This fetishizing of a species as a delicacy is selfishly perverse and what the U.S. and other likeminded countries don’t get is that you can’t have any Golden Eggs if you wipe out the Golden Goose.

The EU has a great amount of support regardless of the skepticism of fishing nations like Italy and Spain, and they will decide this fall what the official EU position on a CITES listing of Bluefin Tuna will be.  Stay tuned to follow the fate of this magnificent creature!

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