Consumer Choices DO Make a Difference!

Our summer intern recently wrote to Trader Joe’s asking them why they sell Orange Roughy.  He pointed out that Orange Roughy are at very low levels of abundance and the methods used to catch them cause serious damage to the seamount habitats where they live.

A representative from Trader Joe’s was kind enough to respond, and I was heartened by one thing she said:

“Ultimately, it is our customers that determine what we carry in our
stores. They vote with their dollars, letting us know directly through
their purchases what they wish for us to carry. This policy applies to
every product that we carry. If the volume of sales should ever drop on
any item, it would stand the risk of being discontinued and no long
brought into our stores.”

Hearing this straight from a company was invigorating.  Here at Blue Ocean, we always let consumers know that their choices make a difference, and now Trader Joe’s is backing us up on this.

Our choices matter!  They will determine what’s on the shelf and what’s swimming in the ocean.  So let’s get back out there and keep ‘voting with our dollars’.

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