FishPhone- not just for phones anymore

Exciting news for all you FishPhone™ enthusiasts out there, and we know there are lots of you: you can now get the same handy seafood ranking info in a variety of formats.

On the go?  Use your cell phone to text FishPhone™ at 30644.  Text the word FISH and the name of the species in question, and we’ll send you sustainability info.

When you’re on Facebook catching up with your friends, be sure to check out our Facebook page.  While there, check out our FishPhone™ app–it gives you access to the same great ranking info that you have access to through our texting service.

You can even add our FishPhone™ app to our own Facebook page so your friends can search seafood to their heart’s content (they can always add the app to their profile once they realize they can’t get enough).

Not on Facebook?  No problem.  If you have a blog or other website you’d like to add our FishPhone™ widget to, you can grab it off our website at our Seafood Widget page.

And if you just want to pop by the Blue Ocean website to get info on your favorite fish, you know where to find us: Blue Ocean Seafood.

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